If you are preparing to take the Cambridge First English exam (FCE / B2) or Cambridge Advanced English exam (CAE / C1), these two links are an absolute “must” to visit several weeks before you do the exam. They are both excellent; the best sites I know for preparing for these exams:

https://www.fceexamtips.com/ (B2 / First level exam)
https://www.caeexamtips.com/ (C1 / Advanced level exam)

Both sites contain really useful tips about the best way to prepare for and to do the exam. They have videos, lots and lots of examples and ideas about each part of the exam.

There are also many tips on how to make effective use of your vocabulary in the speaking and writing parts of the exam, depending on the type of situation (formal / informal) that you are in. And everything is explained in easy-to-understand English.

Bookmark these sites to use before you do the exam!