One of the skills you need to practice if you are going to take intermediate or advanced English exams is listening. If you don’t have a “tame” native speaker to talk to, it doesn’t matter. There are lots of possibilities in the internet:

ororo.tvYou can watch up to 60 minutes / day without subscribing to, but your choice is quite limited - you can't view all their content. A subscription for 12 months is only 39 Euro, however, and it gives you access to a huge number of popular TV series, such as Downtown Abbey, plus a lot of top films and videos.
TED TalksTED talks are normally 18 minutes long or less. They are given by experts in their field. There is a huge number of recorded TED talks online.

They cover just about anything you can think of. Even such esoteric topics as "dog poetry"! So you should be able to find something to interest you.

TED talks take place all over the world, if you keep an eye on TEDx Events, you can see when the next one near you is (for Valencia in Spain, there was a TEDx event in February 2016, for example).
The English we speak (BBC)The BBC has a lot of information about the English language (grammar, for example) and also many podcasts (usually a couple of minutes long) and short programs (4-5 minutes) on its website. The link on the left takes you to podcasts / broadcasts that help you learn English.

The BCC also offers podcasts to its listeners (not just learners of English) about general topics. These are also well worth listening to.
The BBC World Service RadioThis is a selection of news and current affairs reports which are broadcast on the BBC World Service.
YouTube Upper Intermediate EnglishThere are a number of good language schools and freelance teachers on YouTube, who offer free classes on a the use of English. I like the videos from Anglo-Link, Benjamin's English Classes, EngVid, Let's Talk and English Lessons with Adam, but there are many other good producers of English videos on YouTube. (You can look for any level, not just upper intermediate, of course!)
YouTube DocumentariesThere's a lot of documentaries (e.g. from the BBC, National Geographic, The History Channel, and many more) to choose from. You can narrow them down to the most recent ones by searching for "documentaries 2015", for example.

In the same way you can search for films and TV programs. Not just British video, by the way. You can search out Indian or American material, or whatever takes your fancy.